ego series

welcome to the world of ego series!
I'm very happy about your interest in my art prints. every single print is like a personal handshake, because it's created by me with much love and care in a pure handprinting process. just as every "ego" is unique, each print of a series is unique and varies in its appearance and expression.
each series is limited to 12 prints, signed and dated. I use high quality mould made paper and oil based ink. the included wooden picture frame is fsc certified.


story behind

my art concept behind ego series is build on the principle of sending and receiving.
most of "my egos" were asking questions. essentially they do lighten up things.

how do you differ from others and what do you think is so special about you and your ego? do egos really exist? has anybody every seen its ego or the egos of others?
I woud like to hold up a mirror to the observer of "ego series" to reflect the own and the egos of others.